"The fact that he got involved is an amazing feat in and of itself."
-Mike Bost
It was an amazing experience. I thank God and the people of Illinois for that, but what I did was nothing more than most anyone else around me could do. I asked enough people to sign my petition, gathered over 1600 signatures, took them to the State Board of Elections in Springfield along with some other papers, and got on the ballot.

Now, I should thank Mr. Bost for not challenging my nominating petition. It is a mean and undemocratic move. Many politicians do stoop to it, in order to remove competitors from ballots, or at least waste competitors' precious campaign time in court. I watched this happen to my friend and fellow Libertarian, Scott Schluter, who was running for 117th IL State Rep, even though we gathered more signatures for him than did either of his opponents. Mike didn't do it, though. He could have killed my campaign without much news or consequence, and easily so because the number of illegible names, incorrect or misspelled addresses and apparently unregistered voters that inevitably do end up signing. (I told most everyone to check their registration and included a link to the proper website on my business card.) Thank you, Mr. Bost.

From there, I just campaigned... Look up events, go to them, look up news contacts (get lists from friends), send them press releases, call repeatedly and ask for interviews. Thanks to WSIL TV 3 for interviewing me, and for running my commercials on such short notice. Massive thanks to Tom Miller on WJPF news radio for even allowing me an entire segment to talk about HR 608 and its necessity. Thanks to Jamie Allman for putting me on 97.1 air on election day morning. Thanks to Joseph Bustos of the Belleville News Democrat(ic Republican), and to Isaac Smith from the Southern Illinoisan for keeping me in their news, and thanks to the editorial board at the Southern for considering me for endorsement. Thanks to Independent Voters of Illinois (IVI-IPO) for a huge endorsement.

Thanks to Off Broadway Cleaners in Mt. Vernon, Five Rings Armory in Carbondale, 4SIWI in Marion, India Delight in Marion, and Harbor Lite in Whittington, for hosting my nominating petition. Thanks to Jessica Morse McClelland of Cahokia for getting me more signatures.

Probably the hardest part was planting 250 yard signs all over the 12th district. Huge thanks to my dad for helping so much with all of that.

Thanks also to my employer for being so flexible to allow me to campaign all the way up to the election.

Really, it is all about time. In fact, I could not have done it without 6 months' time away from work to heal from injuries. Everything would have gone more efficiently without bilateral casts, granted, but still. Anyone could do it with the free time.

Do you see something in need of change? Take the time to change it, and take the time to study its history. You can do it, if you want, and if you have time!

But time is something not on our side. That debt, that spending, those interest rates, the Fed, QE5 and the bond bubble... Ron Paul talked about it. Now Alan Greenspan is talking about it. (1) It is the biggest thing that no one else is talking about. Big media definitely does not report on the situational urgency. They tell us morningly about Donald Trump, The Russians and porn stars, but the American people will be the last to know and react when catastrophe strikes. We always are. It is not like the FBI or the CIA would warn us of even an imminent terror attack, but it is all for our safety...

George Bush's lies still run. Current Congressman John Shimkus said Thursday, March 22 on 971talk that: to bring troops home, is not to defend the homeland. He also basically admits that it is actually a bit of a stretch to say that Dems held hostage military spending in order to get their own, and he repeats that the military is in disarray because of funding shortages. (2)

Sir, the military has been in disarray for years because you will not hold them accountable for the money they are spending. You regularly vote for to throw hundreds of billions of dollars at global issues which may not even have a military solution short of colonization. You allow private contractors to soak up half the entire defense budget, while commissioning our armed forces to police non-American borders and to fight in CIVIL WARS all over the globe. You even allow covert parts of our own government to CREATE these civil wars and to send weapons to TERRORISTS. All while the Pentagon is reported falsifying reports (3) and they cannot even tell you how or where they are spending the money! You blame training accidents on money? And you think this is funny like eating sausage? Tell me Mr. Shimkus, what kind of sausage do you eat?

We do not have money, yet you brag about the largest spending increase in 8 years to what you already admitted is the largest budget item. And you use the same BS logic that George Bush started. We all know that Bush was much less than candid with us about all things, including his relationship with Saudi princes. You should not follow his lead. Needless to say, when we are spending more on our military than the next 7 or 8 nations combined, and that is "not enough," yeah, we should probably reexamine the mission.

And safe to say, Majority House Republicans who are being controlled by Minority Senate Democrats, those majority members need to be replaced. Hopefully they are not replaced by "Liberal Democrats," but they probably will be, because the Republican establishment mostly lacks courage to move beyond failing incumbents. Some lame incumbents are hardly even challenged. The worst Republican Governor in America, a great disappointment, was renominated over a qualified and acceptable challenger. Terri Bryant, who allied herself with Mike Madigan, was renominated over a legitimate challenger. She spent countless dollars to run horrible and insubstantial attack ads, and they still voted for her! The establishment is driving our nation into the ground, and they are still too strong.

One bit of substance that Ms. Bryant does say is that she wants to reform Worker's Comp. insurance to limit settlements. Ms. Bryant, stop pretending that patient greed and trial lawyers are all to blame, and consider that Worker's Comp. has its own lawyers looking to save money every way they can, even at patients' expense. It is a horrible process; I know because I am experiencing it. Your effort to further regulate an already over-regulated process will only hurt patients more. Stop right now before you end up with another bipartisan agreement to hurt the people of Illinois.

We must remember, primary elections only see 10-20% voter turnout. That's troubling because they largely determine the options for the 50%+ of people who vote in the generals.

I have been asked how to increase voter turnout and political participation, especially for younger people. Maybe the best way is for more young people who are already interested to actually get involved. I hope my candidacy shows people that they can. I hope young people will remember to read a lot of history, and I am looking forward to doing more of that myself.

If my math is right, about 1 in 6 people voted for me in this election, and my math is right. And anyway you break it, it is a good thing. Either Peace and Prosperity inspired 20% more people to show up to vote, or Peace and Prosperity convinced 16.5% of current voters to choose an unknown from nowhere over a 2 term incumbent. Of course, reality is somewhere in between. I have been told it is a good start, but I just hope that there is still enough time to make a difference to the debt and a world spiraling dangerously out of control as we send arms to Al Qaeda in order to topple another oppressive regime.

God, please help us all, especially the Iraqi civilians.

I did not just think and pray. I also wrote legislation. (4) It has been presented to multiple legislators, and I am convinced it is the best way to prevent most future mass violence in schools, far better than panic buttons too. Good people with guns were never and are not the problem. In fact, they are the solution when the government fails. The more that government is unable to protect us, the more we will WANT more good people to have more good guns. Moreover, I have heard it said and do agree: we have a violence problem. Consider and compare the number of children dying every year and day from physical abuse. Many more male children see or experience abuse, survive, and are then more likely to themselves resort to it when they are older.

We lead and teach by example. One of the biggest, and worst examples is being set by Presidents and national leaders, going back decades. When they do not like something they see in our global neighbors, they lie, frame, sabotage and bomb to get the results they want. Why not expect the same from those who grew up listening to George Bush and Barack Obama? So we can ban bump stocks, and they'll use belt loops. We can ban semi-auto rifles, and they'll use pistols. We can ban pistols, and they'll use knives, or learn to make bombs. Band-aid solutions are like band-aids. They fall off, and don't work. We need honest and sincere top-to-bottom change.

What will I do now? Will I run again? I cannot predict the future... I am definitely going to read more. I will campaign for Kash Jackson, the only hopeful candidate for Governor, and also especially for Bubba Harsy, a Southern Illinoisan for Illinois AG. Claire Ball is again the most qualified candidate for Comptroller, and Steve Dutner shows more and more ideas for the State Sec'y's office, so I will probably campaign for them too. If anyone reading this wants to know more about any of those candidates, definitely do contact me.

I am also circulating a petition to limit Illinois residential property taxes to 1% home value. I will share it with any American citizen.

As for the 12th Congressional, we will see! Congressman Bost and I have communicated. I will endorse his campaign if he will commit to doing something about the spending, and cosponsor HR 608.

Thanks to everyone who has played a part in this. Thanks to the Republican Party of Illinois, and especially Jefferson, Jackson, Williamson and St. Clair counties for being open to me. I sincerely hope that we can all work together for the good change that we so desperately need in the people's government.

Thanks to many local Libertarians who helped with the ground game, and thanks to LNC Chairman, Nicholas Sarwark and Executive Director, Wes Benedict for all the encouragement.

And thanks to the Republican Liberty Caucus for following me on Twitter and for liking my posts.

Finally, thanks to everyone on Facebook who endured my incessant ads.
(1) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-31/former-fed-chair-alan-greenspan-sees-bubbles-in-stocks-and-bonds

(2) http://www.971talk.com/blogs/marc-cox/news-desk/omnibus-bill-voted-house

(3) http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2017/september/13/bombshell-report-catches-pentagon-falsifying-paperwork-for-weapons-transfers-to-syrian-rebels/

(4) https://freedom4.life/legislation


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